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Every now and then I come across a Family Historian/Genealogist who has done tremendous amounts of work on their tree who I truly don’t understand. These are the people who ‘horde’ their information like a prize and refuse to share it. I don’t understand it because isn’t the whole idea of  doing the research to share it. In entering conversations  (before I get frustrated with them) their logic is that “I” spent all the time and money to get the information, why should “THEY”  just have it given to them. I just shake my head the “I” and the “THEY” are all family and that is what it’s all about.

My philosophy is the more that I share the more that will be handed down to the future generations. When I’m gone, it’s my hope that people will carry on both by doing more research and by adding the new ‘weans’ on as they are born. I have a choice, I can share all that I find with my multitude of cousins or stash it away in a drawer somewhere – for one person to find some day…maybe.

A great way to share is to set up a Family Tree website. I use – there is a cost associated with it, but minor. It is a great avenue for relatives to check out the Tree. I always tell my family that if there is anything there that they do not like…simply let me know and I will remove it…on the upside they can also send pics and information, to me to upload,  that they would like included that way it is a collaborative effort.

So, please share what you find. Share your pictures. Share your documents. Share your newspaper clippings…simply share…






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