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A few years ago I was hired by a family in California to help find where their ancestors had settled. The family in question had been in Collingwood around the turn of the century, in fact right up until about 1940 they had called Collingwood their home.  Around this time they apparently moved to North Ottawa and from there the family in California had lost touch with them. I asked them the basic questions name, ages, last known address etc.  I then asked how they knew they moved to North Ottawa. They (at least ancestors of theirs) had received a letter from them letting them know that they had settled in their new home and all was well, they said that the envelope was sent from North Ottawa.

I did some searches for areas around the Ottawa area, and for those reading who are not Canadian, Ottawa is the Capital of Canada so not a small area. I looked around a few towns just North of Ottawa but to no avail. I asked about a postal code but unfortunately none was given on the envelope.  It was then that I asked them to please send me the letter (it was quite a few pages) so I could have a read and see if I could find any clues. Well when they sent the letter they also sent the envelope…cracked me up…it was not North Ottawa they had moved to but NOTTAWA – which is a little village 5 minutes from Collingwood.  Once we had that sorted it was a matter of days before we found the whole family…still peacefully living in Nottawa and introduced them to their California cousins.  :-)

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