Meet People Wherever you go Part Two

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Well I went back to see if the statue had arrived. I knew the dedication ceremony wasn’t scheduled till Sunday, but I was hoping to see it before I set off again. I arrived just in time – Dr. Gore was there and they were just installing the sculpture, I managed to ask a lady (ended up being their wonderful Mayor :-) to take a picture of me and Dr. Gore with the statue!   It really is quite amazing!!


Here are a few media links about the unveiling –


From here I headed out on to the Natchez Trace again to resume my journey. Stopped at one of the camp grounds provided for free for the night. A gentlemen who was a long timer camper there came over to say hello. He had seen the Ontario license plate – we talked for quite a bit. Found  out his name was George and he was from Hamilton, he had a slight Scottish accent which is always nice to hear – I told him that I was Maxine from Collingwood. Anyway, the next day he invited me over to his trailer to show me some easier ways to go about getting down to the Coast. He was quite informative which was wonderful. I was there for quite some time when I asked him his last name – I cracked up laughing when he said ‘Watt’…  When I told him my name was ‘Watt’ too, he thought I was putting him on. Really is a small world, he tipped his head sideways, looked at me and said ‘Your not Irish dear, your Scottish’!!!!  He proceeded to bring out a small plaque with ‘our’ Buchanan Tartan.

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  • Stacey GillhamSvanboxmewr says:

    You really do meet interesting people everywhere don’t ya! All these years claiming to be Irish. Wow small world!

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