Language Barrier

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Although doing research in a foreign country can be problematic, it can still be done. I have had lots of success researching the ancestors of my four children – Van Boxmeer ,Van der Vechte, Logtenberg, Verstraten, Lamers, Meesters, Timmers among many more. Their paternal Grandparents, Great-Grandparents and beyond were and are proudly Dutch. Looking in to these records has proven more difficult due to the language barrier but not impossible. ¬†One set of their Grandparents is from Uden, North Brabant and the other from Hoonhorst, Overijssel – and even between these two areas of Holland there are differences in vocabulary and dialect. My former in-laws taught me many things over the years – how to play Euchre, how to play canasta, how to knit, how to crochet and how to count to 10 in Dutch – all of which I will be eternally grateful for :-) ¬†There are many aids online to translate documents and some of the Genealogy sites are even available in both English and Dutch. First thing to do when undertaking such a project would be to familiarize yourself with basic Genealogy terms of the Country in which your research will be centred. You may need to have a little more patience…but it can be done.

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