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Want to uncover more about your families history? Let Me Help!



Genealogy is very rewarding but If you just don’t have the time to commit to searching through the multitude of records, let me do it for you!

  • Professional, friendly service with prompt responses to any questions or concerns.
  • I compile the information from the records and provide you with a written record of my findings, including transcriptions of census records, etc.

Hourly Rates:

There is a minimum 6 hour Introductory package for $100. If you wish to have further research done,  you may either continue at $22/hour or choose a Research Plan that works best for you.

If you simply want a look-up for a birth record, marriage record or death record rates are $10/record.

Sometimes, extra documentation may have to be ordered, and if this is the case I will always call and confirm if this is what you wish me to do first as they are an extra cost. Most times these documents are imperative to your search.

Every family research is different. With an initial consultation, we can find a starting point that works best for your needs, then estimate the cost for your project. Results can be forwarded to you electronically or via regular postal services.


Payment must be received before any research will be conducted. Accepted methods of payment are personal cheques or money orders in Canadian funds or you may also submit payment via Paypal.

Some of the extra costs that are not covered under the given fee structure, are fees for certification requests, extra copies,  travel expenses, etc.

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