Historical Events-A Timely Perspective of Your Ancestors

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When researching your Family tree pay attention to key Historical Events that are taking place around the time of your search. Many of these events can provide you with pertinent information. One perfect example is the 1912 Signing of the Ulster Covenant. The signing of this Covenant was interesting in that it was signed by the ordinary people of the day, not just politicians. By signing they felt that they were taking ownership of their future and securing Northern Ireland’s place as a part of Great Britain. Anyone searching for ancestors who were living in Northern Ireland around this time and were Protestant need to give this some thought. The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland has this Historical document available to search on-line –¬†http://www.proni.gov.uk/index/search_the_archives/ulster_covenant.htm



Other resources –¬†https://www.createafamilytree.net/ancestors-war-records/

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