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Genealogy is simply the study of family lineage. YOUR Genealogy is the study of YOUR family lineage. If you do not have the time or patience to do the research yourself there are many places to turn to hire someone to do the work, I am one such avenue.  For those who wish to do the work themselves, the Internet and local repositories have an abundance of information available at your disposal. Time, patience, Time, plenty of paper, Time and did I mention Time are all that is required to access many of the online genealogical sites.


◦                     Create free trial accounts on websites specializing in genealogy.  Try, or A credit card may be needed to activate searching privileges, though trial usage is free of charge.
These resources have a plethora of information from census records to birth and death certificates. Full membership in these sites can be costly so make sure that they could potentially have the information pertinent to your family.

◦                     Visit the library that would be local to the area where your ancestor lived.  Browse through newspapers and other documents kept on microfilm. Libraries are free and the archives are rich in birth, death, wedding and community newspapers.

◦                     Make an appointment at the archive depository that is closest to your ancestors home town. The repositories there can be accessed for free and have a great wealth of archival information that can be used for genealogy mapping. Land grants, military rosters and legal suits can provide you with lots of ‘meat’ for your tree. Or what I like to refer to as the ‘leaves’ for the branches of your tree.

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The Town of Collingwood is lucky to have a brand new, state of the art Library!


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