• Vic Franklin says:

    You certainly seem to know your stuff, I have been at this for a while so am a little more advanced than this but great advice for the beginners.


  • Maxine says:

    Thank-you Vic…the more people starting up and enjoying working on their family trees the better.


  • nlee says:

    One extremely important point is, if you are storing any of your work on your computer….back it up on an external hard drive such as Verbatim. I cannot stress enough how important this is. If you are really serious about your work, nothing is worse than having computer problems such as a virus, and losing all your research. Not to mention any pictures which may be irreplacable.
    Regarding sharing with others. As careful as you may be at releasing information about living relatives to other family members, once you let someone else have that info there are no guarantees that they will respect the privacy. It is better to have someone miffed with you because you won’t release living private info than to have one of those living relatives Google their name and find it on somebody’s family website. I’ve taken to referring those who would like info on a living relative to contact them personally, then it’s not me who let the cat out of the bag!
    Love the idea of video taping the story telling.

  • Maxine says:

    Thank-you very much for the input.

    Some very good advice there people. Will do posts on both in the near future but for now take heed – back-up everything and respect privacy.


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