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Although it can be difficult..it is not impossible to do research on your Dutch ancestors. There is a great site – https://www.wiewaswie.nl where you can do a free name search. It can be overwhelming so try to narrow it down to an area or at least a Province.  MH_DUTCHmap

Here are a few translations to help –

geboren, geboorte born, birth
gedoopt, doop baptized, baptism
ondertrouw (publication of the) banns
getrouwd, huwelijk married, marriage
overleden, dood deceased, death
begraven, graf buried, grave
wonend living
zoon son
dochter daughter
vader father
moeder mother
ouders parents
grootouders grandparents
dag day
maand month
jaar year


boer farmer
bakker baker
timmerman carpenter
arbeider, werkman laborer
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