Name Variations

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Always remember that your ancestor might have been known by several different first names. This can be especially confusing when a researcher focuses on one name only. My Paternal Granda was Thomas Noel, but went by Noel. My Maternal Granda was Henry but went by Harry. My Maternal Granny was Eleanor, but went by Nellie.  You need to keep short forms and nicknames in mind at all times.


Another relative is Theodorus Wilhelmus Josephus. He can go by and is recognized under one of several different names:

  • Theodorus
  • Theodore
  • Ted
  • Ted Bill Joe

Some nicknames are not quite as obvious. In my family Sally is a very common nickname for Sarah. If you can’t find your ancestor, learn nicknames that were derived from the original name or that were pertinent to that time in history.william variations


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